About Me

Catherine illustrating an African painted dog


My name is Catherine and I live in Perth, Western Australia. I have had a passion for animals since I was a little kid, and so I pursued an honours degree in zoology and anatomy at the University of Western Australia. Though studying animals using the scientific method has only been something I've started doing recently, one thing I've always done - since I was old enough to grasp a pencil - is express this obsession through illustration. As the years have passed, I've explored other subjects such as human portraits and botanical illustration, but my passion remains first and foremost with animals. In 2017 after I'd finished my degree I began drawing full-time, and discovered the perfect blend of my two interests: accurate, precise observation from my scientific background, expressed in the medium of art.

If you would like to support me and get some great perks, I have a Patreon account which allows you to pledge a small amount each month. Your support helps me buy the pencils, paper, and other supplies I need to continue giving you my best quality illustrations.


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